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Dreaming of this place
Somewhere over the rainbow

If the music is anything to go by, I think Caprica might be my new show! After the required BSG mourning period obviously :)

gdg  was awesome and uploaded to the battlestar_blog the clip of Bear McCreary giving us a sneak peek at the theme music for Caprica (clip from youtube user lexspartan)

I know most people will be able to do this and have probably already have done it, but I extracted the music from the clip and cleaned it up a little (removed some of the background noise etc) so I'm uploading it as an MP3 file if anyone wants it? Personally, it's my new ringtone :)

Caprica Theme

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I'm back from Dragon*Con!

Omg I miss it already.

I had an amazing time and just so you know, I asked EJO THAT question :)

I asked him firstly if he thought that there were any aspects of Laura Roslin and William Adama that current politicians could learn from. His reply was to laugh and go 'Yeah!' and then he started talking about how great Mary McDonnell is and how amazing she is on set and how brilliant she is as an actress.

Then I asked him (I thought I wouldn't get it squeezed in, but I wasn't letting go of that mic until I did) if there was any chance we would see some more Adama and Roslin as a couple during what's left of the show.

He said (I didn't get it recorded as I was asking it, but someone from Bamberbunnies recorded it so fingers crossed we'll get to see it) that (paraphrased)....

::EJO smiles:: Well...::more smiles:: that's a spoiler, so I can't tell you that.

So guys...I don't want to be too optimistic, but he's open about talking about things that won't happen and negative things that will happen to the characters so refusing to give anything away tells me that there is something to give away :) Hopefully something good.

So, as soon as he answered my question and I sat down, he started talking again about how awesome Mary McDonnell is AND he did a Mary Impression! He told us how she cracks up on set sometimes and bursts out laughing and they have to close down until she's composed herself, and just to demonstrate, he impersonated her laughing her ass off. It was so funny! I recorded it but I'm not sure if the sound is okay, I'll check.
Anyway, THEN he started talking about how he's got people coming back to film that film about the time they all spent on New Caprica and he's really excited about it. The impression I got was that he's convinced everyone (or almost everyone, but he's sure he'll get them all) to come back for the film (I think that means we'll be treated to some Laura Roslin time on New Caprica) and he said that when we all see the film, we're all going to want to go back and rewatch the entire series because it'll open our eyes to so much more :)


Oh, and did I tell you guys, during this Q&A I was sat about two metres from him! I was in the first row directly infront of his chair! YEAH!!!

My friend has a better camera (she was sat next to me)and she's uploading her pics later this week when she gets home. I'll see if any of mine are worthy of viewing before then.

Also, (sorry, very excited right now), someone jokingly said 'We know this is your first Dragon*Con but now you'll know what to expect when you come back next year...hint hint' and then they asked him if he would bring any of the other cast with him. His first reply was 'I'd really like to bring Mary here' to which everyone in the big ball room applauded and whistled. I think people want Mary there :) He also said he'd like his 'Starbuck' to be there and kept saying how he sees her as a daughter. He concluded that part of the q&a by saying he would totally get Mary to come next year. So, unless she's super busy or something, I'm pretty sure he might convince her.

I'm already making plans to be here next year :) As soon as the tickets go on sale, one of them is mine!

So, sorry this is so waffly and all over the place. I'm still pretty hyper and I didn't really sleep most of this weekend. If I passed you or anything at Dragon*Con and didn't get the chance to say hello, 'HI! Sorry I missed you' and I hope, now that I know what to expect from Dragon*Con, I'll be ready for it next year and I'll see some of you there.

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I just felt like adding this one to the mix as it's been lurking on my hard drive and I felt sorry for it sat there amongst all the other 'amost done' fics :)

The Gift

Disclaimer: Usual. Don't own them but I wish I did.
Warnings: There aren't really any spoilers in here, unless you haven't watched any of the latest season and/or buried your head in the sand for the entire show :D


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The After Effect
Chapter Two

Disclaimer. Don't own them, blah blah blah, really wish I did, blah blah blah, also wouldn't mind making money from them but sadly I don't, blah blah blah, and I love BSG and feedback so feel free to give me either of those :D

Warnings. Nope, nothing too scary here and certainly no spoilers. This is AU.

This is the sequel to Chamalla and Ambrosia. You can find that fic on Survival Instinct hereor my LJ here. Now on with the sequel...

Chapter one is here.

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I've finally got around to posting this. It's a follow up fic to Chamalla and Ambrosia which you can find on Survival Instinct here or my LJ here and you really need to read before reading this one.
This is for egeria61 because if she hadn't asked, I never would have written it.

There may be more to follow this weekend :)

The After Effect
Chapter One

Don't own them, blah blah blah, really wish I did, blah blah blah, also wouldn't mind making money from them but sadly I don't, blah blah blah, and I love BSG and feedback so feel free to give me either of those :D

Warnings. Nope, nothing too scary here and certainly no spoilers. This is AU.

Chapter Two is here...

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Those Words

Spoilers up to the latest BSG episode
No other warnings. This is a very short drabble.

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Truth And Deceit
Chapter Three, The Necessary Deception

Usual disclaimer applies. I don't own or make money from them but I sure wish I did (own them that is).
Just a general spoiler warning: I have watched the latest episodes and I can't guaruntee that they haven't influenced my writing, but I haven't knowingly included any major spoilers for this season. 

Chapter one is here
Chapter two is here


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As promised, I have finally finished this fic. Truth and Deceit Chapter three will follow later today.

I hope you enjoy it.

Spoilers: None, it's totally AU and 'what-if' guesswork.

Warnings: Angsty? Well, I'm the one writing it so you can be pretty sure there's angst in there :) I am working on a happier fic to balance things out.

Disclaimer: I don't own them and I certainly don't make any money from them ::sighs:: I would rather enjoy owning them though, so if RDM et al ever feel like giving up the rights to Laura Roslin and the other characters of BSG ::waves:: I'm right here.

X is For...


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Spoilers are behind the cut for season four.

I love Battlestar Galactica and I'm really enjoying season four but there's one thing that's bugging me this season. Bad dubbing and dubbing for no apparent reason. It's...well...it's not been done very well. I'm blaming the Dubbing Fairies. They exist to plague good television shows, they somehow get in during the editing process and frak with the final cut :) Evil Dubbing Fairies!

Clips and chatter behind the cut to avoid spoiling people for season four.

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Just a few things that ran through my mind after watching the latest episode of BSG...

It's behind the cut to avoid spoilers.

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